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Company information:

It is our 21st anniversary, and we are celebrating! The journey that began in 2001 was inspired by Modern’s own needs as a retailer. The idea that a distributor could do more for dealers than supply inventory was born; and it became our goal as we took the leap into distribution.

It has been our honor to welcome, learn, and work alongside our dealers to meet their business needs. We strive to service them in a way that empowers them to reach the success they have envisioned for themselves. This requires our ability to listen and understand their day to day operations and the challenges involved, which allows us to bring the products and solutions that will make a meaningful contribution to their business.

Following many years in the distribution and prepaid industry, Modern Wireless became a TracFone Master Agent in 2012. In the past 2 years, we have been honored with TracFone’s “Most Innovative Master Agent Award,” and “Top Achieving Master Agent of the TracFone Brands.” We are thankful and believe our strength lies in the added value that comes with our products—a customer service -oriented culture.

With each product order, our dealers can expect customized support to grow their business. We provide tailored training, inventory financing, affordable lease-to-own programs for end consumers, exclusive and free easy to use marketing tools, and 7 days a week support.

Product information:

As a TracFone Master Agent, we offer the entire suite of TF products, which include, Simple Mobile, PagePlus, Net10, Go Smart, Total Wireless, and Tracfone.

We also offer a wide variety of the latest handset models and accessories at incredibly competitive prices.

We believe in the power of partnership. Join us and spark your growth!

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Contact information:

Modern Wireless Inc
1163 N Patt Street
Anaheim, CA 92801
PH: 800-474-9724