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Company information:

Human Resources is one of the most important, yet complex, facet of any business. Hire Well Now assists our clients with a variety of dynamic products that help them to manage these complexities and simplify the HR process.

Hire Well Now was born within the tumultuous environment of the wireless industry. The company’s founders, Jonathan Bergman and Robert Butler, saw the struggles that resulted from the frequent size changes in this industry due to mergers and sales of stores. A company could go from 20 to 200 stores in a week and often the HR department wasn’t capable of handling the change immediately. Hire Well Now is committed to providing this flexibility at a moment’s notice and has the products and expertise to implement it.

Our professional staff takes great pride in providing quick customer service and our support turnover time is measured in minutes, not days.

Product information:

Hire Well Now offer a variety of dynamic products that help manage the complexities of the HR Process. These products include:

A powerful Applicant Tracking System – View application and resume, track and record hiring process, assign responsible parties, and send emails all from one handy platform.
Career Pages – A branded page that allows candidates to apply to your company’s jobs.
Live phone and Skype interviews – A comprehensive phone or Skype interview - don’t waste time interviewing unsuitable candidates.
Job Advertisement tailored to your company’s needs – We use multiple job boards and custom job ads that get candidate’s attention.
Candidate Prescreening – Don’t bother with applications that don’t qualify.
Drug Testing and Background Checks – Protect yourself and your employees.
Personality and Aptitude Testing – Is this really the right person for the job? Our personality and aptitude test scores applicants specifically for the job they are looking at.
Employee Satisfaction Surveys – Know what is working and what isn’t with these custom surveys.
Employee Exit Interviews – Often employees will be more honest after they’ve left.
Custom Virtual Onboarding – Don’t chase people around for paperwork. Just email them a link and they can do it right on their phone.

Contact information:

Hire Well Now
Jonathan Bergman
1 Court Square
Suite 210
West Plains, MO 65775
PH: 866-717-9808