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Company information:

Unwired Mobile is The Exclusive Mobile X Dealer Partner offering Mobile X to the Multi- Dealer Channel. Dealers in the MobileX network will be able to offer customers exclusive, customized plans as well as assist customers with service onboarding, maintenance, troubleshooting, payment and more. Prospective wireless dealers interested in joining MobileX's network can reach out to Unwired Mobile The Exclusive Mobile Partner!

Product information:

About MobileX

Headquartered in Orange County, California, MobileX is the world's most customizable mobile carrier delivering the ultimate in choice and cost control. MobileX is a unique service that uses artificial intelligence to predict how much data customers need, delivering a dramatic reduction in cost while ensuring reliable speed and service. MobileX was founded by Peter Adderton, who also founded both Boost Mobile and Digital Turbine.

Contact information:

Unwired LLC
Manoj Ramudamu
Vice President of Sales
2425 Amann Drive
Belleville, IL 62221