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Company information:

Baseus is a consumer based accessory brand focused on intuitive and organic product design, featuring durable materials and a quality production. Baseus engineers look at everyday uses and design products that enhance the customer experience and elevate their enjoyment. Now Baseus has become a favorite, go-to brand of many users from around the world. We are looking for US partners to keep this momentum rolling into the states.

Product information:

Baseus wireless accessory products are designed by an R&D process that focuses primarily on the end-user experience. This in-depth research and innovative technology, drives the product to the highest standard; at the same time maintaining its practicality. This delicate balance goes into every product produced ranging from phone cases, car mounts, chargers, cables and power banks; to speakers, ear-phones, portable vacuums, nightlights, USB/HDMI hubs, fans and screen protectors. Every product comes in a variety of options to meet our customers’ everyday needs. Unlike other wireless accessory brands, the Baseus collection features inventive and clever products like car tire air pumps, battery chargers, desk fans, gaming accessories, in addition to the staples like power banks, quick charge cables, wall chargers and power banks. Baseus stands behind all their products with quality warranties and US based service and shipping. If you are looking for a good mid-price point, broad spectrum product line to compliment other lower or higher price points you may currently offer, then you will find Baseus products a perfect fit and a natural in-store upsell options to offer your customers.

Contact information:

Baseus Accessories
Audrey Webster
Brand Marketing Manager
4340 Lyman Dr.
Hilliard, OH 43026
PH: 833-422-7387 (833-4BASEUS)