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Company information:

ArgomTech is committed to creating products that improve people's lives through the power of technology. Our team of experienced professionals focusing on the retail industry has allowed us to create a leading brand with the latest product technology. Unsurprisingly, we have gained a remarkable reputation for high-quality products that guarantee customer satisfaction.

We constantly introduce new products to stay ahead of the latest technology trends. Our Miami warehouse is conveniently located and well-stocked to meet domestic and international shipping demands.

What sets ArgomTech apart, however, is our superior customer service. We treat every customer like family, offering personal sales representatives to handle questions and concerns. Our staff is knowledgeable about all upcoming product releases, ensuring customers are always prepared. Overall, we are trusted to provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Product information:

ArgomTech is a computer, sound, and mobile accessories manufacturer.

We include:

- Backpacks, cases & sleeves
- Cables & adapters
- Mobile Accessories
- Chargers & power adapters
- Computer & notebook accessories
- Earbuds (Skeipods)
- Headsets
- Keyboards & mice
- Power banks
- Speakers
- TV wall mounts
- Web Cam
- UV Sterilizer
- Wearables (Smart Watches)
- Home automation

Contact information:

Oscar Gordillo
VP of Marketing & Development
12650 NW 25th Street
PH: 844-357-0766