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Company information:

Horizon Wireless is a leading Cell Phone Wholesaler & Distributor in the Wireless industry. We are an R2 Certified company. We also carry all kinds of accessories from Cases, Bluetooth headphones & speakers, a one-stop solution for your Wireless operations. We have the latest and most innovative products from top manufacturers. We offer good quality products at reasonable prices, with the best customer service. We are widely recognized and trusted by our clients to ensure their satisfaction. We work closely always to meet that expectation while growing together and building strong, mutually beneficial relationships for achieving success in both of our businesses.

Product information:

The Company’s primary product is Cellphones & Accessories:
*Apple iPhone’s and Apple devices as well as Apple Accessories.
*Samsung Galaxy Models and Samsung electronic devices as well as Samsung
*Other major branded cellphones are also sold such as LG, Alcatel, and Motorola.
*Major brand and OEM Wireless devices and chargers, cables, adapters, power banks,
charging cases, and charging accessories.
*Major brand and OEM Bluetooth devices such as speakers, headsets & earphones.
*Cellphone cases, pouches, and folders along with other case accessories and add-ons.

Contact information:

Horizon Wireless
Talha Vaid
Chief Operating Officer
7250 Harwin Dr., Suite K
Houston, TX 77036
PH: 713-988-6565