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Company information:

Plum was founded by the people who brought Ultra Mobile and Mint Mobile to market. We’re a combination of industry-leading minds, the latest technology and proven models designed to support different business sizes and approaches. We’ve built Plum on a backbone that has succeeded many times over, thus giving you full access to the same infrastructure that propelled us to the top of Inc. 5000's fastest-growing companies list.

Through our unique relationship and years of experience with the nation’s largest GSM network provider, we’re able to connect the nation’s largest 5G network to the nation’s leading brands.

Our team of wireless industry veterans and experts not only offers the technical tools necessary for your business to grow, but also the thought leadership and industry know-how required to deliver results, and ultimately success, in the ever-changing wireless market.

Product information:

MVNO Aggregator - For partners looking to connect their MVNO (or future MVNO) to T-Mobile’s 5G network.
Value Added Distribution (VAD) - A unique, white-label wireless opportunity…”your brand wireless”, VAD gives you the ability to market and sell wireless/cellphone service with your own brand name, "powered by Plum".
Fixed Wireless - This alternative provides wireless, cellular internet to a fixed location through a network’s cell towers throughout the country.
Solutions - Enable a range of connectivity solutions to your end-customers with easy access to cellular technology and service.
IoT - A suite of plans, ready for you to immediately deploy, to fit a wide variety of solutions to markets such as tele-health, asset tracking, remote monitoring and internet failover.

Contact information:

Ben Emanuel
Business Development Manager
1550 Scenic Ave., Suite 100
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
PH: 562-284-1179