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Product information:

Certified Cell provides consignment pre-owned cell phone inventory to retailers across the US.

Through a diverse inventory acquisition strategy, Certified Cell allows retailers to offer a robust selection of pre-owned cell phone inventory to their customers at competitive prices without having to come out of pocket upfront to carry the selection. As is the case in many brick-and-mortar retail industries, margins are tight for wireless retailers and wireless repair shops, which makes it difficult for those stores to have the excess money available to carry a pre-owned phone inventory. This creates an enormous divide between the total solution they can offer their customer and what their customer needs because there is no better captive audience for a pre-owned phone than someone who just found out their phone is broken beyond repair.

Quality control, competitive pricing, customer service, and product diversity make Certified Cell an industry leader in providing merchants and distributors with products for their marketplace.

Contact information:

Joshua Hample
Chief Executive Officer
11850 Nicholas Street, Suite 200
Omaha, NE 68154