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Company information:

Established in 2013, Mazama rapidly ascended in the national marketing scene, gaining acclaim by creating engaging content for local restaurants and businesses. We were recognized by Meta in 2014 for our innovative approach to marketing and subsequently invited to become one of twelve members in their exclusive Small Business Council. Our relationship has only grown since then with our leadership having the pleasure to meet Mark Zuckerberg and network with Dan Levy, the head of advertising at Meta, and others within the organization. We evolved our winning strategy to fit large-scale complex advertising, running ad campaigns for the likes of Sonic and Dairy Queen and later branching into other industries, delivering revenue for Automotive, Medical Device Manufacturers and Bariatric Surgeons across the country.

In recent years we’ve branched into the world of AI, championing our flagship product, ACE, short for Automated Customer Entry, for the purpose of revolutionizing the way enterprise companies connect with consumers in the telecom market. With the knowledge gained from our partners and the ground-level work of our innovative team, we’ve developed ACE into the powerhouse conversion product it is today.

Product information:

ACE operates as the leading ACP conversion product on the market. Through the power of automation and artificial intelligence our technology can get a user from start to finish in 3 minutes or less and without any human interaction necessary. Through ACE we have eliminated bounce rates by keeping lines of communication open in Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS until the user is approved for service. We’ve also set a new bar for reducing the industry-standard churn rate by notifying users within a non-use window that their service will be terminated if they do not use it. We’re actively enrolling 50,000 new subscribers every month and are on pace to hit 100,000 per month by the end of the calendar year.

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Contact information:

Bud Torcom
CEO, Co-Founder
404 SW Columbia Street, Suite 210
Bend, OR 97702
PH: 541-728-0558