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Company information:

Established in March of 2013, Mazama quickly climbed the chain in Facebook marketing. Starting with posting content for local restaurants, our work became noticed by Facebook in 2014. A tough interview process followed and Facebook then made us one of only 12 members on the Facebook Small Business Council. We were regularly flown to Facebook's headquarters in Palo Alto every other year for advertising workshops. In this group, we met Mark Zuckerburg and networked with others such as Dan Levy, the head of advertising at Meta. We quickly expanded to running large ad campaigns for national companies such as Sonic and Dairy Queen and then to other industries such as auto dealerships, medical device manufacturers and bariatric surgical giants across the country.

Our connections at Facebook gave us the confidence to build tech in Facebook's messenger platform and hence ACE was born. We then turned ACE towards the Lifeline industry in 2018 and have perfected it into what it is now known as today.

Product information:

ACE is an industry disruptor for ACP. Through messaging, it can get an applicant approved by the government and assigned an order number in 3 minutes or less! Since the autonomous conversation happens on Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram DM and SMS, we have eliminated bounce rates, keeping a line of communication open with the potential subscriber until they are approved. ACE has also lowered churn by notifying people who are in a non-use window that their service will be shut off if they do not use it. We currently are successfully enrolling 20,000 new subscribers a month per client, but it does not stop there. We are forecasting to hit 100,000 per month by Q4 2022. Book a meeting with us today to see ACE in action.

Contact information:

Bud Torcom
CEO, Co-Founder
404 SW Columbia Street, Suite 150
Bend, OR 97702
PH: 541-728-0558