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Company information:

Fixably was initially built to organize and manage one of the largest Apple Authorized Service Providers in Europe.

It was soon a sought after management system and became a separate company dedicated to building a great service management system that could handle the complexities of modern electronics logistics chains.

We have customers in over 30 countries, including the US. Fixably is used by thousands of repair technicians to process millions of repairs every year.

Product information:

Fixably is end-to-end service management for all types of repair businesses.

Our current focus is on designing a service-focussed management software with a focus on automation and great end customer experience.

Fixably automates paperwork and admin tasks so that repair business owners, service managers, and technicians can focus on the device and the customer. We have clients globally, from the EU to North America and the Asia Pacific.

Our customers have reported savings of 5-7 minutes per repair or service order, while customer satisfaction numbers have gone up about 10 percent.

Contact information:

Sam Abraham
Marketing Specialist
Kaisaniemenkatu 7
Helsinki 00100
PH: +358 404895879