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Company information:

uPlus Accessories manufacture’s the topmost quality phone accessories at a competitive price. We are constantly reinventing various products, which offer a variety of functions for our consumers. Uplus line of merchandise contains: Cables, Chargers, Car Mount Holder, Bluetooth Earphone, Displays and more. At uPlus we consider exceptional excellence as we are passionate about the products. Our brand is determined to provide premium quality accessories. We are excited to launch the expansion in Canada and spread uPlus’s mastery throughout the nation.

Product information:

uPlus Accessories manufacturer's the topmost featured phone accessories at a competitive price. Our line of merchandise contains: Cables, Chargers, Car Mount Holder, Bluetooth Earphone, Screen Protectors, Cases and more.

Our product line of chargers and cables are tested to provide the best charging capabilities for your phones, tablets, and laptops. We offer a variety of cables ranging from 3 feet to 12 feet for comfort. All uPlus chargers and cables have fast charging compatibility. Also, these products ensure maximum power and outage for safe and secure rapid charge.

Uplus offers the finest quality Bluetooth headphones in variations such as twin wireless, over the ear headphones, and ANC capable headsets to eliminate noise in any setting. All headsets are Bluetooth certified which pass various tests required for premium sound quality and durability.

Our brand additionally offers several functioning mount holders, which include car, bike, and desk holders for phones and tablets. We focus on providing hands free convenience for multi-tasking individuals.

Our company understands the importance of protection. Screen protectors and cases are engineered for maximum protection and safety for all phones and tablets.

We dedicate our efforts to consistently offer durable accessories at a reasonable price.

Contact information:

uPlus Accesories
Zohaib Iqbal
5755 Bonhomme Rd. #420
Houston, TX 77036
PH: 281-557-6660