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Company information:

Agee Business Solutions is a virtual accounting firm based in California, specializing in Wireless Retail and Ecommerce Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation. With a combined 30+ years accounting experience, 7+ years in the prepaid wireless industry, and 5 years handling bookkeeping, HR, Payroll, Taxes, and more for Prepaid Wireless Dealers, our team is knowledgeable and ready to assist your business.

Product information:

- Monthly or Weekly Data Entry
- Account Reconciliations
- Financial Reporting
- QuickBooks Online

HR Support Services
- Onboarding
- Document Handling
- Garnishments
- Employment Verifications
- Payroll Processing

Tax Services
- File 1099’s annually
- Sales Tax Prepayments, Sales Tax Returns
- Income Tax Returns for Businesses and Individuals

Other Accounting & Administrative Services
- Business Formations, dissolutions, elections, and changes
- Accounts Payable
- Mail Management
- Respond to Documents and Notices
- Set-up, Shut-down, and call on vendor accounts
- Point of Contact for Vendors
- Application and Renewal of business licenses
- Gather Docs, Reports, etc. for banks, lenders, vendors, or others

Contact information:

Agee Business Solutions
PH: 951-420-7735