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Company information:

The Locater™ concept originated in the early 2010s, building upon the foundation of GPS trackers. Our team discovered that utilizing a 2.4GHz frequency could enable connectivity without relying on a 4G SIM card, creating a true Internet of Things (IoT) environment. This approach ensures affordability for all families. Additionally, we’ve integrated Locater Life into essential items. Our proprietary 2.4GHz technology, along with the Locater app, serves both consumers and businesses across various markets and networks

Product information:

LocTag LT1, developed by Locater, claims to be the world’s thinnest wallet tracker based on the Apple iOS ecosystem. Here are the key details:

Thickness: It’s impressively thin, measuring just 2.0mm— same size as a credit card.
Battery Life: The built-in battery can last up to 3 years.
Functionality: Attach LocTag LT1 to your belongings (like your wallet or backpack), and it will emit a secure Bluetooth signal. If you leave it behind or misplace it, you’ll receive a notification. It can also be used to track your kids’ whereabouts.
Privacy: The process prioritizes privacy through encryption technology.

Contact information:

Locater America, Inc
Sales Deparment
Houston Texas