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Company information:

XYZies (A division of The Preferred Prepaid (TPP) ) is a Technology based distribution company offering Charter Spectrum services and mobile phones and wireless prepaid services. Thousands of retailers rely on XYZies technology for faster order processing, activation and instant commission programs.
Our management team is honored to share over 25 years of experience in sales and distribution

Product information:


Affiliate Program
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Contact information:

Ramin Heydari
20271 SW Acacia St
Suite 234
Newport Beach, CA 92660
PH: 8888770231

Corporate literature:

Why XYZies
We are proud to announce that we have rebranded our company to XYZies. Many have asked why XYZies, and not just XYZ. The fact of the matter is that success in business is in details the big blocks are usually obvious, but it is the “Zies” or the details of the business that can make or break a business.
At XYZies our mission is to help businesses to grow by helping them to streamline their sales and marketing process and by providing the technological tools that they need to grow sales and empower their sales team. We believe by empowering salespeople with knowledge and incentives on-demand through our app, we make business available to anyone and everyone with a desire to sell anywhere, opening up more possibilities for a better life for people while creating more business for suppliers and vendors who are contributing to a responsible society.