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Peter Adderton

Peter Adderton

CEO, MobileX & Founder, Boost Mobile

Peter Adderton is the driving force behind two of the most successful youth brands ever established in the mobile industry—Boost Mobile and Amp’d Mobile. Peter founded Boost Mobile in Australia in 2000.  Expanding to New Zealand, Canada and the United States, Adderton catapulted the Boost brand into becoming one of the fastest growing wireless brands in its category in all markets with annual revenues over $500 million and over five million subscribers. Boost received numerous awards, most notably “Marketer of the Year” from BrandWeek in 2003.

Under his leadership, Boost Mobile USA was purchased by Nextel in 2004, and remains a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprint Nextel. It’s still one of the fastest growing mobile brands in its category with annual revenues of over $2 billion and over five million subscribers. Peter remains a director and the largest shareholder of Boost Mobile Australia, where he maintains a hands-on leadership role. There, Boost Mobile continues to maintain its position as a leading youth wireless brand.

In 2004, Adderton founded Amp’d Mobile, creating the first integrated mobile entertainment company for youth, young professionals and early adopters. And although Amp’d Mobile is no longer in operation, its success as a brand and innovator in putting content on mobile devices is unquestionable – pioneering the idea of a wireless carrier as mobile entertainment company. Amp'd Mobile offered voice and 3G data services including wireless broadband, over 25 streaming linear TV channels, over 50 Video-on-Demand brand channels, Amp’d-produced original content, a one-million song music library, and over-the-air downloadable applications through its award-winning Amp'd Live entertainment portal. Among Amp’d Mobile’s original series was the wildly successful Lil’ Bush, an animated satire originally created for Amp’d that went on to air on Comedy Central, making it the first show in history to make the transition from digital media to a television. In 2006, Amp’d Mobile received the “Entertainment Marketer of the Year” award from Advertising Age.

Amp’d Mobile was dubbed Wireless Week’s ‘Entertainment Company of the Year’ in 2007, reiterating Adderton’s commitment to melding entertainment with digital media. Amp’d Mobile made Red Herring’s Top 100 North America 2006 list, an annual roundup recognizing new and innovative technology firms and their entrepreneurial founders and in 2006, Adderton was dubbed a “Mobile Maverick” by Laptop Magazine.

In 2011, Adderton founded Mandalay Digital with Peter Guber; and led it to become a NASDAQ listed company (APPS). The firm’s Digital Turbine technology platform has been adopted by more than 30 mobile operators and OEMs worldwide, and it has delivered more than one billion apps on over 140 million devices in 190 countries. He’s still a major shareholder in the company.